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amy law with presenter and journalist Christ Ackroyd
amy law playing crown green bowls
amy law with giant framed print of life size newborn baby photography
amy law horse riding

You are probably right on the edge of your sofa right now. Not because you are in anticipation of what you are about to read about me, a dog photographer Barnsley, but because your dog is sprawled across the sofa with his head on your laptop gradually shoving you further and further off of the sofa. I know. I’ve been there, along with being followed everywhere by the pitta patter of paws. Ahh heaven.

Hiiiiii! I’m Amy, dog photographer, and owner of Amy Law Photography.

I live in Barnsley not far from ‘tarn’ in the lovely area of South Yorkshire.

I’m obsessed with dogs. In a good way.

Just imagine me rolling on the floor with your dog right now while I giggle, wiping away doggy kisses and introduce myself to you.

Now he is calm and has politely parked his bottom on my leg with his head on the other I will continue.

Grab your favourite cuppa, mine is a builders tea with soya or oat milk no sugar, and let me tell you how awesome and excited you are going to be. I’m so glad you found me. After all there are a lot of photographers and blogs out there. I’m talking millions and trillions. Ok maybe not that many. Well not that many in Yorkshire anyway.

I’m one of many dog photographers but why am I different to the rest? I’m so glad you asked.

Like I mentioned when I first introduced myself I’m obsessed with dogs. I owned a very cute cavalier king charles called Benji for 13 years. Unfortunately he passed away in 2014 and I was heartbroken. Still am. He was my baby. He had grown up with me. I shared all my stories and secrets with him. I was one of them over obsessed doggy owners. So it has been 3 years and in about 1 year me and my partner Rob will be getting a puppy. OMG I’m so excited! I can’t wait. *jumps up and does a little dance* I know a new dog will never replace Benji but I feel like there is a piece of my life missing without sharing my life with a dog. You can read more about my adventures of planning for a puppy on my blog. Back to why i’m different. I will go off on tangents every now and then and probably lose my trail of thought but its what I do.

Amy Law Photographer and owner of Amy Law Photography

I have worked professionally with animals since 2009.

Specifically dogs since 2010. I graduated from college with horsecare management and worked for a horse trainer and a riding school. After being not quite small enough for Jockey adventures I looked after animals and helped clients find their perfect pet at Pets at Home which led me to become a qualified dog groomer and eventually owning my own dog grooming business before becoming a dog photographer. Roll forward to now and I run a successful and very exciting dog photography business, Amy Law Photography, capturing memories of dogs and families.

I create beautiful artwork for your home with photographs of your loved ones showing true personality. The whole experience is fun and exciting!

It’s like christmas day every morning when you have stunning, authentic images on your wall. Can you remember the feeling that you got when you were a kid and your mum or dad showed you a picture of when you was a baby? Can you remember asking questions? Didn’t it make you feel important? Did you have a dog? Have they passed away? Can you remember them? Like me, when I lost Benji I had such a connection with lots of memories to reminisce. But guess what.

Each day that passed turned into weeks and two years later I started to forget how crusty his little nose was in his old age and which side of his face had his splash of white feature. Without the images, the photographs I have printed and showcased in my home, I wouldn’t remember his first bed he had and the look on my speechless face the first time I ever saw him. My auntie handed him to me on christmas day and he laid in my lap and I couldn’t say a word. Just cried with the happiest tears. The most treasures pictures are the ones we remember a special moment in our lives. Happy or sad. We all have digital cameras on our phones in our pocket for all the candid moments, to share on facebook and to print in scrapbooks. But what about the special moments?

The signature moments in our lives. Your new puppy. Your newborn baby. The authentic family photo. You need them big and showcased on your wall in your home.

Now I wan’t you to imagine your loved one that you want photographing. Think of the one thing that makes you smile. Imagine that moment, thing or action as a photograph. All you have to do is imagine your loved one and that photograph and give me a ring right now. Don’t wait because if you are anything like me you will put it on your tomorrow’s list of things to do and tomorrow never comes. Honestly.

Pick up the phone and chat to me. I won’t bite. Promise.

I won’t track you down and demand you like me. I will most likely be sat in my organised office, in front of my laptop creating photographic memories for people like you in my pj’s with a cuppa tea in my favourite pink cup. Ready to book you in for a consultation where I can meet you in person. Yay! *big smiley face* We can chat about your ideas, about your next holiday or about the irresponsible dog owner down the street.

Time to get really really excited because now its your turn. *waves hands in the air* You decide what happens next. Now you know all about me and why I photograph dogs and families. I want to know about you. If you are not ready to call and have a chat about your photograph ideas just yet then connect with me and tell me about you and your dog. What can I help you and your dog with?

amy law with the yorkshire vet Julian
amy law with megan giglia olympic cyclist gold medalist at support dogs
amy law and partner rob in front of castle
amy law with dog photography client cocker spaniel puppy Bailey with framed print

Here’s a selection of services I offer:

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